Rigid Endoscopy

Endoscopy tools Our Veterinary Team in San Diego Offers Rigid Endoscopies for Your Exotic Pet

Exotic animals can present some tricky diagnostic challenges even for skilled, experienced veterinarians, and not only because they are less commonly seen than other kinds of pets. Certain internal conditions can be difficult to treat or visualize without viewing and manipulating them directly, from the inside the body. While this problem once necessitated major surgery, many such procedures can now be performed through a minimally-invasive technique called rigid endoscopy. Our veterinary team here at Anderson Exotic Veterinary Care  is proud to make this technique available for exotic animals just like yours.

How Endoscopy Works

Endoscopy involves the use of a long, hollow tube called an endoscope. The endoscope typically includes miniaturized lighting and camera features. Dr. Anderson inserts the endoscope into your pet's body to look at a particular health problem, using the feed from the device's camera to view the data on a monitor while working.

Endoscopy is commonly used to evaluate problems in an animal's digestive, urinary, or respiratory tract. Different branches of endoscopy are named after the region the endoscope explores. For instance, laparoscopy involves the insertion on an endoscope into the abdominal cavity, while cystoscopy involves inspection of the urinary system and rhinoscopy is used to view sinuses.

Endoscopy can also be used as a means of minimally-invasive surgery. Endoscopic surgery makes use of special elongated tools that extend through the endoscope to the treatment site. Your veterinarian may use this form of surgery to remove a bladder stone, polyp, or foreign object.

Rigid Endoscopy vs. Flexible Endoscopy

Rigid endoscopes and flexible endoscopes can both aid in exotic animal diagnostics and treatment. Our veterinary team generally used rigid endoscopy for any procedure which does not require a flexible tube, such as a cystoscopy or laparoscopy. We would more likely use flexible endoscopy for procedures involving the upper gastrointestinal or respiratory tract.

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